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Our API Services

Meteologix AG (Kachelmann Group) offers you easy and well-documented access to accurate forecasts and professionally prepared weather measurement data and observations. Meteologix AG also specializes in the refinement and post-processing of meteorological data and has, for example, developed the coveted calibration procedure for radar data, so that you do not simply receive the raw data output from us, as is often the case with other service providers, but carefully checked and quality-assured weather data that several subject to automatic and manual data checks.

With the API of Meteologix AG you do not get any weather data,

but tested quality. Quality instead of quantity, because quality prevails. 

Weather prediction

Meteologix AG offers access to multi-model forecasts via its APIs, an in-house SuperHD 1x1km model and all high-quality models from national weather services such as   ECMWF, ICON, UKMO or regional models like the HRRR. With our Meteologix standard packages, we decide for each requested location which is the best model or the best forecast for this location, so that we automatically help you to get the best forecast. Meteologix AG offers you access to forecasts for land, sea and atmosphere via its API.

Ask us about Enterprise if you're looking for access to a specific model.


Meteorological observation data & readings

Meteologix AG offers tens of thousands of measured values and observations via its API, worldwide. You get access to stationary WMO measurement data, ship buoys, ship measurements, radar measurements, satellite data, lightning data and much more internationally. Meteologix AG also operates its own measuring network in primarily Central Europe with approx. 1000 stations - ask us directly if you are interested in these measured data. 


Powerful API, transparent pricing model

The Meteologix Weather API is fast, efficient, modern and powerful. You get modern detailed API documentation that you can even use to test code snippets and try out any test requests. Our API is based on state-of-the-art technology and is Meteologix backend supported by redundancy and load balancing. Meteologix AG is a professional in handling weather data and now stores data in petabyte sizes. We deliver hundreds of millions of requests to our customers every month: quickly, efficiently and reliably. Try us!


API features

API Features

The scalable API from Meteologix AG

API Preise


Transparent prices according to consumption

Parameter Pakte


We have the parameter package for your application!

We know weather.

Through its excellence in these areas, the Meteologix AG Weather API is able to offer its users significant added value and differentiate itself from the competition. Build scalable, competitive products based on our Weather API with transparent, fair pricing. 

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Why should you choose the Meteologix API?

1. Accuracy

One of the key factors that distinguishes a weather API is its accuracy. The ability to provide highly accurate weather data, forecasts and alerts is critical to many industries and applications. A weather API that can provide accurate and reliable weather information can help your business make better decisions, improve security, and streamline operations. With its multitude of proprietary quality assurance processes and products (SuperHD model, multi-model, calibrated precipitation sums, own measuring network, etc.), Meteologix AG offers an exceptional level of meteological quality.

2. Coverage

An important factor of the Meteologix Weather API is the extent of weather coverage provided by the API. A weather API that covers a larger geographical area with more detailed and granular data can offer greater value to its customers. The Meteologix API provides you with high-precision data worldwide, whether on land or sea. 

3. Customization

A good Weather API should offer customization options that allow its customers to tailor the data and information to their specific needs. For example, a farming business may need weather data specific to its crop species, while an airline business may need weather data specific to a particular airport or flight route. Meteologix AG offers a variety of different parameter packages so that you are served in every industry.

4. Real Time Updates:

The ability to provide real-time updates is also critical for many applications, especially those that require up-to-the-minute weather information, such as: B. Emergency response or transportation services. Meteologix AG processes the data in the shortest possible time so that it is also available to our customers in the API as quickly as possible. 

5. Simple & User Friendly

We know our customers. A weather API with a user-friendly interface and documentation can help developers integrate the API into their applications quickly and efficiently. That is why the Meteologix AG API provides modern and always up-to-date API documentation.

6. Support & Maintenance

A good Weather API should offer reliable support and maintenance to ensure users can get help when they need it and that the API is up to date with the latest technologies and data sources. Our support team is competent and helpful and will provide you with quick and reliable support if you have any queries.


Any questions? 

Contact us! We look forward to your inquiry!

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