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How can weather data help you?

The power of a great forecast

Accurate meteorological data, nowcast, medium- and long-term forecasts as well as trends and excellent advice!

Modern API access

Our APIs offer you fast and reliable access to our large portfolio of measurement data (international, current, historical) and our forecast products, of course with modern documentation for quick integration by your IT.

SaaS solutions

We offer you a range of Software-as-a-Service products in our Meteologix PRO Dashboard from operational weather and agricultural weather to individual solutions.

Research & Development

We are open to research topics and actively participate in international and national research groups in order to make the development of meteorology usable for the private market and to make a contribution to research.

We are familiar with weather data...


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Stored historical weather data

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Data quality is crucial

Having a lot of data only helps if this data also provides valid information.  In relation to weather data, valid is a diverse term: With weather station data, for example, it is important that these deliver measurement values of the highest quality and with the least bias as possible (e.g. do not show any temperature bias or the rain sensor only measures part of the rain, because he is standing under a tree) regularly and reliably. That's why we at Meteologix in cooperation with our partners, the Vereinigte Hagel Versicherung, pay attention that the standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) are strictly adhered when setting up and installing the stations on our measuring network brand meteosol© .  

In the case of third-party networks, we mainly obtain data from the national weather services, which we enrich with data from private station networks, whereby we carry out plausibility checks and data processing here in order to ensure maximum measurement quality. 

With regard to model data, historical data and climate data, we pay particular attention to being able to offer the most uniform and high-performance formats and interfaces possible, which offer our customers accurate and fast solutions. In addition, we are professionals in the refinement and recalibration of radar data and products derived from it, so that we can provide you with storm tracking, radar totals and live warnings such as aquaplaning and flash flood warnings.

Excellent data quality is our top priority - with Meteologix AG you have a partner who has decades of experience in how to achieve this.  

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"More than 25 years ago, together with Jörg Kachelmann, we started RTL Luxembourg's “Meteo” and since then we have gained a broad audience's trust.
Thanks to Kachelmannwetter, we are now the only ones in Luxembourg who can offer a modern, comprehensive weather service for the country."

Steve Schmit (Content Director & Deputy CEO)

 RTL Luxembourg (CLT-UFA SA)



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