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Radar & Precipitation

Meteologix AG (Kachelmann Group) has developed its own products with its experts from the fields of IT and meteorology, including high-quality radar data, and is constantly working on further tools and optimizations. 

Our goal is that no one is surprised by a storm today and that weather hazards are analyzed early and precisely in order to minimize damage and, in extreme cases, to save lives.

Meteologix AG (Kachelmann Group)  uses the highest resolution precipitation radar data available (Radar HD). In Germany, for example, it has a resolution of 250x250 meters and is generated anew every 5 minutes, so that even small-scale details such as thunderstorms with heavy rain and/or hail or individual showers and their development over time are precisely visible. This makes it possible to say exactly where it is hailing or raining heavily and where it is staying dry, possibly only a few hundred meters away.

Our optimized radar composite of the RadarHD+ differs from the RadarHD in that the echoes of the 17 radar sites in Germany are merged into an overall picture (composite) in a special way depending on the position to the radar.


With this new method, so-called artefacts are reduced, which can occur in the overlapping area of several radar stations. This achieves a higher effective resolution in these areas. In addition, RadarHD+ delivers more reliable values if, for example, precipitation falls far up in a warm front or from a thunderstorm anvil, but does not reach the ground.

Our radar sums are known for their accuracy and are used in official severe weather and flood solutions, among others.

precipitation totals


Meteologix AG (Kachelmann Group)  has calibrated precipitation maps from radar data, which are calibrated with the measurements of numerous weather stations. Maps are generated that show hourly, monthly or yearly rainfall. 


Meteologix AG (Kachelmann Group)  delivers real-time calculated precipitation maps, which provide information on the amount of precipitation that has fallen every 5 minutes. For example, areas with extreme precipitation can be narrowed down and possible damage locations can be localized on high-resolution maps at short notice and with pinpoint accuracy.



Meteologix AG (Kachelmann Group)  calculates precipitation totals worldwide from several satellites and satellite channels, which are available between 60° North and 60° S. Even in areas of the world without radar coverage, they provide information about the amount of precipitation that has fallen and thus also about storm hotspots worldwide.


Here you will find live and forecast products that are directly derived from radar measurements. The Kachelmann Group specializes in the post-processing of radar data - an expertise that enables them, for example, to derive hailstone sizes from radar echoes and to automatically detect rotation.

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Tornado Doppler Radar

In addition to the intensity of the precipitation, the high-resolution radar data also provides information about the wind speed and direction within the precipitation areas. This data was processed by our radar experts and can provide information about rotation and rotation strength in thunderstorm cells. Finally, the danger of a tornado can be derived from this. Meteologix AG has used this system to detect a large number of tornadoes at an early stage since 2016.

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Rotation detection

The information about wind speed and direction from the tornado doppler radar is implemented directly in our rotation tracking product.


This data is processed by our radar experts and provides information about rotation and rotation strength in thunderstorm cells. The probability of tornadoes is greatly increased in thunderstorm cells with high rotation.


Hail Analysis HD

Meteologix has developed a hail analysis with a very high resolution of 1x1 kilometers for Germany. For this purpose, our radar experts evaluate numerous radar data every 5 minutes and immediately analyze the size of the hailstones in thunderstorm cells. With this product, regions with hail damage can be identified and localized very quickly. In addition, the hail analysis HD is also integrated into other products such as storm tracking. This allows the trajectory of hailstorms to be calculated.


Radar forecast

We obtain and process the highest resolution radar and calculate our own radar forecast for Germany and Switzerland in addition to that of the DWD. 

This provides a precipitation forecast up to 2 hours into the future and is particularly well suited for a short-term forecast for extensive precipitation areas.


Storm tracking

"Storm tracking" automatically analyzes thunderstorm cells that have formed and uses numerous data to determine their strength and side effects every 5 minutes. In addition, the exact direction of movement of the thunderstorm is calculated.


In this way, early warnings can be given for places on the railway track and potential dangers (heavy rain, storms, hailstorms or tornadoes) can be pointed out.


radar archive

In addition to the meteorological measured values, the radar data are also archived with the full temporal resolution of 5 minutes.  The Radar SD archive goes back to February 23, 2004. The high-resolution data from Radar HD, Radar HD+ , the Doppler radar and all products derived from them are available in the archive for dates from May 1, 2015 onwards.

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